Example Report

Black Cutworm (BCW) Alert
Assuming Biofix Date of: 4/2/2020 - date of first intensive capture*
Life Stage Predicted
Date of
Degree Days
Fourth instar (minimum of 300 degree days)5/17/2020301
Fifth instar (minimum of 365 degree days)5/22/2020376
Sixth instar (minimum of 431 degree days)5/26/2020436
Pupa (minimum of 641 degree days)6/7/2020642
   * Intense Captures of BCW moths indicate a peak period of moth activity. Trap locations may experience none to multiple intensive captures in any one trapping season. These intensive moth captures are used in a degree day model to predict when larval development to the 4th instar (4th worm stage larva). This is the smallest larvae size that is capable of cutting corm plants and on which economic thresholds for the BCW are based.

Click Here for more information about BCW and MU's BCW monitoring program.