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Horizon Point is a custom weather analysis system for farmers. It provides farmers with the opportunity to have site specific weather reports sent directly to their electronic mail address.

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Site Specific Weather System

Horizon Point is an educational program of the University of Missouri Commercial Agriculture Program that is designed to make precise weather information available to farmers in a way that assists them in managing their business. The weather information comes either from the National Weather Service or the Missouri Commercial Agriculture Automated Weather Station Network.

Subscribers to the program receive emailed reports for their specific location. The reports contain historical and forecasted weather and management advisories. The management advisories use the site-specific weather information and university models to give management information. Current advisories available are

  • Runoff estimator
  • Animal Comfort
  • Weed Emergence
  • Black Cutworm
  • Rice Model
  • Alfalfa Weevil
  • Soil Temperatures

Subscribers are able to select the advisories that they want. Chosen advisories are sent only in the seasons when they are appropriate. For example, soil temperatures are important in the spring for planting and the fall for fall applied fertilizer management. Soil temperature advisories are not sent during the summer when it is not critical to any management decisions.

Horizon Point: Precise Information Processed by MU Extension for better Management Decisions.

PRECISE information

           PROCESSED by MU Extension

                          for better MANAGEMENT decisions

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Should you have any problems with setting up an account or finding the latitude and longitude for your field, contact Horizon Point at 573-882-4827 or HorizonPoint@missouri.edu.